четверг, 30 сентября 2010 г.


Make  new color today......yes, I want grey before, but today I was at shop and saw hair-dye with  colore wich called "Black Cherry"
I'm not "cherry" at all) my hade is violet or purple...something between XD

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  1. Such a nice color ! <3 I've been thinking about getting it too but im too afraid :b

  2. Maria May
    Thank you))
    You have such good blond color. I think it will be difficult got it back then you'll deside come blond again T_T I think my hairdresser will kill me then she will see it)

    Thank you darling) you inspired me)

  3. Nice colour! It looks really good on you! I wish I could carry a colour like that <3
    Reminds me of the one I dyed my hair in for like... two days in Japan.
    Everything with the word 'cherry' in it will turn purpleish I think... XD

  4. GORGEOUS!!!!!! What a lovely color :3!!!