четверг, 9 сентября 2010 г.

At last sunday me & Honeymoon  went to cinema Photobucket  I prefer horrors but it was only comedy there) And I hven't been at that kinotheatre before) it has name Kinostar Miami and there print with beach on the walls)
After film we deside go to Starbucks)can't say they have good coffee or somth. but I start like  it)PhotobucketIn my frappe was huge icecube....so - half of frappe.
I had hand-made mood on last week so made rose ring. Don't know what for because don't have plans to wear itPhotobucket
This week is full of nose bleedings because of MomokoPhotobucket. Like her style more and more. Think it's perfect for my future job, I need to have more ofice look there. Want buy red & blue cardigans.....
I'm in love with this stylePhotobucket

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