воскресенье, 16 декабря 2012 г.

NY shopping

Photobucket Hi everyone Photobucket
Hope you happily spent your time) because I got caught and temperature and lazy lying at home.
But last week I with my friend Irina from work decided go for shopping for NY outfits.
So it was a long long trip to the new outlet village because 2 times we went to the wrong road Photobucket
But it was a really good place on very hight level and looks exactly like italian outlets. Thanks God it's right near my home)

Many shops there are still closed so we didn't have lots of chance to buy there something interesting, so we move to another mall and get lost again.
Irina took her little dog with her. And we had a really great coffee with Baileys liqueur.

We both bought sequins dresses, but I don't wanna show it before NY. I really like this kind of staff and never had such models before so "Thank you Fashion for this big opportunity"


понедельник, 10 декабря 2012 г.

Changes since 2006/2007 till now)

Here are pics from 2006 - 07 years till now and my changes. Need to say, I was such a fatty those years and my weight was about 75 kg >_<

It's my natural hair color ) haven't seen it for long time already)

Here I gain about 10 kg >_<
And lost it after) blond period for me is always fat period)
2012 year I'm in natural look)
And now my face is like this and body like this, I've become a ginger for some time and I'm happy)
Think I was really trashy few years ago))
I my inspiration for now)

вторник, 4 декабря 2012 г.

Welcome back Jillian)

Diet days are started. I like Jillian Michaels but I don't feel half of my body after  yesterday training. After few weeks you'll have great results if don't be so lazy as me)
I will start ABC diet from tomorrow)))and making food pics brings more discipline in my life)

Ordered few dresses for Small size as a motivation)
Yes bandage dresses are motivation for me)I'm in love with Herve Leger)
Also need to get tan and grow a long hairs)) want to be sexy as a model on the pic)


Hello December)

It's only one month before New Year Photobucket  Time goes so fast Photobucket Hope next year will be full of happiness as this Photobucket
I don't have specific news in my life) everything is in time as always - we have a Christmas decoration & music at work, and this year we are absolutely lazy at home so we don't have a x-mas tree Photobucket
Also new collection of Valentino came few days ago))
This is really sexy gown - I don't like a strapless dresses but this is awesome.
Also our Photobucket Star Photobucket pink leopard dress.