воскресенье, 28 ноября 2010 г.


So all my weekands was full of gyaru gyaru and gyaru.... and  I thought at morning that I' tired from  gyaru... but it was only for minute))
Friday evening I spent with on of japanese men from J-Pop festival & he brought me Egg & Ageha as present...it's pretty old, but I'm ok with it)
And all our talkings was about gyaru tooooXD

среда, 24 ноября 2010 г.


 Small paranoic post....so I'm watching "Funeral Parade of Roses"(1969)  now) It old japanese movie about gay culture. And wtf what is on left side? It is 1st gyaru or what?

вторник, 23 ноября 2010 г.


 Main idea - you should draw your looks in different ages
This is mine  Photobucket
Age 10: I was with glasses and with children clothes)and with long long black hairs)also get my first hils.
Age  13: I was about 75 kg and with men clothes. I liked j-rock & anime.......I was so uglyPhotobucket)
Age 16: Gyaru mood begun
Current: Happy with how I look now))but it was long long way)

понедельник, 22 ноября 2010 г.

 My crazy week is over now Photobucket
PhotobucketFirst of all, I'm with new haircut & hair colore....
So this is how it was before
And now Photobucket
Photobucket Second news is J-Pop festival wich was on last weekand. At wednesday was casting for fashion show , so I  made make-up & hairstyle for Natali on it and for interview.
And I'm with friends from Cinq-Pathetique

вторник, 9 ноября 2010 г.

 I'm with temperature for two days already
And it make me tired a little)
I'm still searching new job) and friend helps me with it a lot)
So I must get it on friday

Bought knit hoodie with nordic print. Think that dress with such print will makes much happier)

Desided today chek MA*RS blogs.....I really like how Golds Infinity made such thinngs, but Suzu reminds me Moka in it. It's such a fail.