среда, 6 октября 2010 г.

About everything

So Natali was at my place on weekend & we went together to j-rock party)) Also I tryed to make gyaru from her) It's pretty difficult she has so pale skin.
Also  I went to cinema with Sora. Wrought about him before.
I feel my self so dump then spend time with him like in "Beauty & Geek" show because he is smart & know chemistry and I am to stuped for it) damn I'm good only in make-up, design and fashion...... so it's make me crazy Photobucket
Also I'm trying wash this color away from my had... because I star feel not comefortable with it... maybe I'll back to it later, but now it not mine on 100%

P.S. to stalkers - I hate Kanako, Tsubasa, Kumikey and many other models. Also hate Himeka Shirosaki make up  and Kanako do same eyes. So FUCK OFF AND DO IT BY YOUR SELF IF YOU LIKE IT!

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