понедельник, 29 июля 2013 г.

REVIEW: Vassen Barbie circle brown

 photo gj.gif

I'm using lenses again. Use them was difficult at the  beginning of my pregnancy cause eyes were too dry  photo ad30fbd753c1e6cd0a5e2057efd57916d07b072d_zpsc509457e.gif
At this time I bought  Vassen Barbie circle brown from my friend HimeLena .
She was so kind and brought them to my work. Thanks to her  photo 201c90e5100a49b40440b6d4596b6bbcaad3a96f_zpsf0eb3011.gif

 About lenses:
 photo 1cc56eb4-8340-4902-a2af-570a6d1b279f_zps6a4e96f4.jpg

I had a black one with the same effect, when I just start using circle lenses  It take 10 days to get blue or grey color, so I've decided to get brown one. My natural color a bit lighter so they looks a little bit scary, but gives a deep look.
 photo 79180f93-66d6-4f2b-b73f-fc498fde7cfb_zps0356fd06.jpg 
  photo 734f57e6985bcb3b31e211fbe180794bc9cc1847_zpsea13dcee.gif photo 734f57e6985bcb3b31e211fbe180794bc9cc1847_zpsea13dcee.gif photo 734f57e6985bcb3b31e211fbe180794bc9cc1847_zpsea13dcee.gif photo 734f57e6985bcb3b31e211fbe180794bc9cc1847_zpsea13dcee.gif   for comfort. Difficult wear them 4-5 hours without break, but maybe it's only my eyes feel this way.
 photo 70f29cc8-47df-4b36-86a5-edc646671396_zpsd66dd709.jpg
 photo e3fdff10-ae2b-4f80-9284-c8cbd25864ef_zps8873e270.jpg

 photo 6ad06450829850d7b0cff01a6baeefd3fd39245a_zpsb3c0aadf.gif

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Cape trend

 photo b98e105321787711f162f16d43efc6bdbb9fe9bd_zps51327040.gif
Что хочется на осенний период, так это cape. У нас его назвали пончо)) крой у всех примерно одинаков, зато мотивы разные. В магазине видела оч похожий на Liz Lisa, Valentino можно сшить без особо труда в любых цветовых вариантах)
 photo c0376a60-c052-4796-872f-f513d1a14962_zps672a655b.jpg
 photo 5d1aad9f-a8b3-4fce-914a-200110f1aa91_zps2ec51991.jpg
 photo c46b924e-f473-49ab-a45a-beb1f88fb08f_zps3b639dca.jpg
Очень хочется в отпуск...........куда-нибудь совсем далеко.......
 photo 324c1d37-e7e3-4284-99c7-52a1df2cc84d_zps83b229da.jpg

суббота, 20 июля 2013 г.

+ 2 GiveAways

Two giveaways from favorite teddy artists )) Hope this time luck will be on my side)
First is elephant by Tatiana Teykina.
End second is bear by Eugenia Aksenova.

пятница, 5 июля 2013 г.

Daily: Pregnancy, new hobby & toy

It's 5 month already  photo b6f843c65bbf5786c05d7349e630c23381fe2504_zpseba945b8.gif and my belly still so small.
Maybe it's because of fitness but I'm loosing wait than I need to gain it.
 photo 31f0d89c-b7b4-433e-befb-4191f2db43a7_zpsc58e58a6.jpg

I'm trying to cook all the time, cause for me it's something new cause I prefer simple food and my boyfriend has alternative thoughts about it)
 photo e56bbedf-39bb-4ace-b4df-4c71848b1bd6_zpsdffec41d.jpg

Had a lot of time for hand-made since i'm staying at home, so decide to make a flower crowns.

 photo 039aa779-5d57-4416-94f9-59f14e0188cf_zpsa8ad41f0.jpg

This little elephant was made for my friend. I believe that elephants bring love and happiness to their owners, so it's more like a talisman than ordinary toy.
 photo e6f43038-f6af-4e37-b6a1-ed36f6a71486_zpse9bdfecd.jpg

 photo 3f27512c-1150-44e3-8b0d-4c9f0c3611a0_zps53b68a15.jpg