понедельник, 30 августа 2010 г.

Fall in Love

My days boring & ordinary)
I'm making calendar for september. Hope it will be usefull. Saw this idea in Jesus Diamant blogs. Handmade sometimes inspires me.Photobucket
It was anime festival at saturday. I don't know what I was doing there.......Half of hour I was searching for bilding where it must go. It was raining so then I found it I hadn't got any harstyle & normal makeupPhotobucket But....if say true.......I was there because of  boy wich I know  and like already half a yearPhotobucket. Met him on j-rock convent and afterparty again, so deside wright to him not so long ago.....he sad he''ll be there, so I'd deside to go, even if I know nobody there.
So I bought there Jelly & Ranzuki.
I was surprised because met  friends there & they perforemed Dong Bang Shin Ki - O
So I without any hairstyle on pics from this festPhotobucket
So......on this weekand I hope to have "date"Photobucket It wouldnt be real date, but I'd like to think it'll bePhotobucket I just ask him walk with me) and I feel myself so stuped....like schoolgirl....I just wanna have cute boyfriend & relationships)Photobucket
Wish me luck pleasePhotobucket

вторник, 24 августа 2010 г.


I'm ordered JD dress)))it without  print but I want simple dress as first).......and I'm afraid of something...... don't know why......so many times I could bought JD clothes but wasn't ready for it.....
Also tryed Unkoro's make-up. What can I say) it simple & looks good)))

понедельник, 23 августа 2010 г.


I'm back))) Murmansk is so near Finland so it was pretty cold there, but without snow)

Wedding was funny) my step sister Alice was so hungry, so we went to buy hotdogs after official part)
Most time I spent with cousin Vera near chocolat & fruits & champain)

So I look like this on wedding) I had accident with my leg. Vera broke my tights by her hills also I have hematoma on my knee.
And Macbook as present for me)))))


пятница, 20 августа 2010 г.

четверг, 19 августа 2010 г.


So my stepsister get married at saturday. I'm not happy going to my hometown but I think I must to...For some reasons I think it will be funny trip) heard that they have snow, so I'll take fur things and boots...and I haven't been in Murmansk for 5 or 6 years allready) hope it doesn't change much, because it was small and silent town)
So my father prefer see me in lady style or something near....not gyaru...........so yes I become pale a little bit and this is big +))Also bought today outfit for wedding) oka-san prefered long dresses - I deside take more classic style) it looks more elegans I think........also it would help me save more unique style........
So tomorrow i'll must go to medcomission  for work....hate it X_X

понедельник, 16 августа 2010 г.

J-rock konvent)

I can't say it was best, but it was fun) We spent lots time all together) First of al i spent night before konvent in Natali's place) and we prepared her for contest)
Even my brother came there and wachet cosplay & karaoke & ect. But most part of time we was at the street or at balcony and drinked champagnePhotobucket or just set near theatre with Shi, Honey & Natali)
At 2nd day was afterparty........it was great) club was horrble, no conditions at all and alcohol was expensive but friends make it best Photobucket
I think I have lovemood today)))
I have cheeks Photobucket