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New items & free time: Jesus Diamante gets

 photo 98c4f576473f72a7a628ad199f7eb49fca93806a_zpsdc41f09a.gif

Yesterday some of my items came. Waited them for too long - about 1,5 month  photo ad30fbd753c1e6cd0a5e2057efd57916d07b072d_zpsc509457e.gif I bought 2 basic Jesus Diamante dresses  photo 159e964ada8d18145921693c946c99b0c762e39b_zps41d62c62.gif Still love this brand more that others. Dresses are pretty simple even they have rose and leopard print on them and most important thing - they are perfect as  photo o0020002010695128761.gifeveryday clothes photo o0020002010695128759.gif  photo decootomedojo2498.gif
Also cardigan - think it's basic thing so I just need it in wardrobe. Little bow bag, fall in love with this model long ago, no matter that it imitating Valentino bow clutch, also really wanna get their D&G Sicily replica bag
 photo 4c503cff-5049-4381-b88e-7ead66801fe6_zps5eeffd28.jpg

Present from my boyfriend - 2 colors of Shellac,base and top coats also. He know that I'm maniac for nails and nail art.
 photo df6239f0-9873-422e-886e-f96e802e187b_zps3ff5d23a.jpg
Had some free time so made tried Strawberry Smoothie color with few jems.
 photo 94622354-eeb7-49ef-bfd8-cebc8ef1f56a_zps82a9775e.jpg

 photo 4f14b8a1fa9fda6fb282cc5711ca8668d505b4f8_zpsee350a32.gif
Have lot of free time for making dolls))) This is my new bunny - awaiting for eyes and ears  photo ea78ae9fa9a0c67ef556a9dfbe8f3c28bb5ccad0_zps547e1d94.gif
 photo db42ecf7-3381-40fe-8e1c-a1109ed6fa61_zps233e7ec2.jpg
Get new materials for ears and clothes. It took a long time cause we don't have any cute printed cotton in shops.
 photo 4ef0d521-5f95-46d2-9046-e7c8baca59fc_zpse616445c.jpg
Also plushes - they always give inspiration to me  photo 1209206fe210cffbad99959f41887684beeb3989_zpsdcacc5fd.gif photo a015e611-ebbf-4d4d-b04e-1fe797e36ead_zps6c878fea.jpg

 photo 5940b97f8ebac7d3e16ed6e9f59d0760f024f44f_zps9db009d0.gif

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  1. really nice clothes and nail polishes!
    and that teddy is soo cute *-*

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