воскресенье, 2 июня 2013 г.

Little Miss Elephantine

How I spend my free time? Sewing, making toys.
First toy made by me - this little elephant. I don't pretend to be a doll-maker but this hobby took all of me.
 photo 9d439408-d6b9-45de-9a61-caabd98282d3_zps3964c8f6.jpg

Little hat for little girl.
 photo 44464af7-aab3-4c92-83aa-294854412a0f_zps390c7d10.jpg
 photo 559dc938-f5cf-4c6a-b107-d38bf26975f1_zps468f848e.jpg photo 3e48f4bc-54ee-4300-84ba-d405acceec38_zpsd71d1a7e.jpg

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