четверг, 13 июня 2013 г.

Ombre & New hair color

All the time I choose blonde, peach, caramel or ginger colors for my head  photo ea78ae9fa9a0c67ef556a9dfbe8f3c28bb5ccad0_zps547e1d94.gif Decide to change it to dark chocolate with ombre effect, cause my natural is black. As far as I'm pregnant don't want to use hair dye    cause it's not healfy. 
Also dye my extensions. They was caramel before.
 photo 3639ad21-ed82-4201-ba7f-6f0611942ecd_zpsf16cc1e6.jpg
And I've dyed only 2/3. Funny but dark part became more shiny after it.
 photo 84315eab-c93c-49a0-8105-4adb2ff5f64a_zps1d8f4889.jpg
 photo IMG_2052_zpse1706f2a.jpg
 photo 53d5af45-b5a9-4fb5-b25a-2ee1c81a90df_zpsb3e2fa1e.jpg

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  1. Mitsuko, comgrats to your engagement and baby on the way! You look beautiful and I love your hair!! ombre looks so nice on you ;)

    xoxo lana