пятница, 5 июля 2013 г.

Daily: Pregnancy, new hobby & toy

It's 5 month already  photo b6f843c65bbf5786c05d7349e630c23381fe2504_zpseba945b8.gif and my belly still so small.
Maybe it's because of fitness but I'm loosing wait than I need to gain it.
 photo 31f0d89c-b7b4-433e-befb-4191f2db43a7_zpsc58e58a6.jpg

I'm trying to cook all the time, cause for me it's something new cause I prefer simple food and my boyfriend has alternative thoughts about it)
 photo e56bbedf-39bb-4ace-b4df-4c71848b1bd6_zpsdffec41d.jpg

Had a lot of time for hand-made since i'm staying at home, so decide to make a flower crowns.

 photo 039aa779-5d57-4416-94f9-59f14e0188cf_zpsa8ad41f0.jpg

This little elephant was made for my friend. I believe that elephants bring love and happiness to their owners, so it's more like a talisman than ordinary toy.
 photo e6f43038-f6af-4e37-b6a1-ed36f6a71486_zpse9bdfecd.jpg

 photo 3f27512c-1150-44e3-8b0d-4c9f0c3611a0_zps53b68a15.jpg

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  1. oww that elephant is soo cute *-* and your baby belly is adorable!:3

  2. Thanks gals)))it's so nice to hear so kind words)

  3. Your belly looks really small for 5 months pregnancy!! >_<
    If I ever get pregnant,I'd want to be like that,too.
    I think it's fine as long as you and your baby are healthy :)

  4. The little elephant is so adorable!!!!!
    Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy!


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  6. I absolutely LOVE your flower crowns :) you're spending your home-time well!

    Irene G.
    Trending Game

  7. Great post! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes! Thanks! :) Following you now! Kisses from VV!!