вторник, 12 октября 2010 г.

- 2kg

I'm happy) I start loose my weight and it's -2 kg for 3 days. I think it mostly not because of diet but because of skipping rope - you alway lost your weight pretty fast if do exercises everyday for 15-30 min))

I want new nails))))))I want 3D and  thinking about Haloween design)

And last news - it's cosplay)) last one was on St Valentines day. And it will be freaky tooo - Miss A

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  1. sweet nails *___*~ i like this one the best =3 http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss343/mitsuko-tan/357.jpg

    and congrats on losing wait ^_^~

    i'm adding you on pupe, okay?! =3