пятница, 8 октября 2010 г.

Little bit about random life-things

Today was my first driving test and I'm passed)))
I've cut my hair today a little bit and try to make Ogihara look) and deside not change color T_T (yes, it such a big problem) I've found my mistake, so want give one more chance to my hairstyle.......maybe I should make it more red.....now it mixed with silver for more natural look.
I'm still on a diet Photobucket I' still fat and it's a big problem T_T still eating "gras".....yes here will be food pics....it will make my days not so boringPhotobucket

Found on Ena Matsumoto's blog her new  Nike sneakers.....My brother work in Nike now & I want samePhotobucket
About free time:
In free time I'm sewing....so now I have mood for this or something like, because I change pattern. Project Runway inspires me star sew again)yes they don't look same now, but hope in the end they would anyway my will be more girly....

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  1. Congratulations on the driving test, and that photo with you and the shoes is great. if you cut out the shoes and just you, you can put that photo in a fashion magazine. :-)

  2. Youre hair is always so lovely
    and I wish I ate such nice meals as you do!!

  3. Yapo Nightroad , Sakie and Thomas Gantz, Samispoon