понедельник, 30 августа 2010 г.

Fall in Love

My days boring & ordinary)
I'm making calendar for september. Hope it will be usefull. Saw this idea in Jesus Diamant blogs. Handmade sometimes inspires me.Photobucket
It was anime festival at saturday. I don't know what I was doing there.......Half of hour I was searching for bilding where it must go. It was raining so then I found it I hadn't got any harstyle & normal makeupPhotobucket But....if say true.......I was there because of  boy wich I know  and like already half a yearPhotobucket. Met him on j-rock convent and afterparty again, so deside wright to him not so long ago.....he sad he''ll be there, so I'd deside to go, even if I know nobody there.
So I bought there Jelly & Ranzuki.
I was surprised because met  friends there & they perforemed Dong Bang Shin Ki - O
So I without any hairstyle on pics from this festPhotobucket
So......on this weekand I hope to have "date"Photobucket It wouldnt be real date, but I'd like to think it'll bePhotobucket I just ask him walk with me) and I feel myself so stuped....like schoolgirl....I just wanna have cute boyfriend & relationships)Photobucket
Wish me luck pleasePhotobucket

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