понедельник, 16 августа 2010 г.

J-rock konvent)

I can't say it was best, but it was fun) We spent lots time all together) First of al i spent night before konvent in Natali's place) and we prepared her for contest)
Even my brother came there and wachet cosplay & karaoke & ect. But most part of time we was at the street or at balcony and drinked champagnePhotobucket or just set near theatre with Shi, Honey & Natali)
At 2nd day was afterparty........it was great) club was horrble, no conditions at all and alcohol was expensive but friends make it best Photobucket
I think I have lovemood today)))
I have cheeks Photobucket


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  1. Your hair and outfit is really cute. It's insane how puffy and big you can get your hair. Maybe you should make some kind of tutorial for the curly look if you want ^^
    btw, your friends kimono is beautiful <3

  2. Maria May
    I always make my hair with Ageha, so don't think someones need tutorial by me there a lots of)
    She made it by herself)