четверг, 19 августа 2010 г.


So my stepsister get married at saturday. I'm not happy going to my hometown but I think I must to...For some reasons I think it will be funny trip) heard that they have snow, so I'll take fur things and boots...and I haven't been in Murmansk for 5 or 6 years allready) hope it doesn't change much, because it was small and silent town)
So my father prefer see me in lady style or something near....not gyaru...........so yes I become pale a little bit and this is big +))Also bought today outfit for wedding) oka-san prefered long dresses - I deside take more classic style) it looks more elegans I think........also it would help me save more unique style........
So tomorrow i'll must go to medcomission  for work....hate it X_X

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