четверг, 7 ноября 2013 г.

Hello November

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It's our last month) today we had a pregnancy photo shoot today. Even it's not so comfortable now to do a simple things , I will miss my belly, cause it's such unbelievable filing when you have your baby so close to ya)
Usually women chose white/pink/fluffy/cute photo shoots, we've made everything in colony and Indian style. Think it will be unusual. ( I thought about hime styled photos, but nothing fits me now   photo ad30fbd753c1e6cd0a5e2057efd57916d07b072d_zpsc509457e.gif) photo d1339e1d-cc88-4992-94fa-43b642aa4741_zps57b52a63.jpg
2 new Diamante babes waiting for  me)) and I can't wait to wear them too))
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I'm so tired from my hair color. I'll be happiest when I'll change it. So as far as it's not the right time for hair dye, I've decided to change hair style a little bit)

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