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Ready for Winter & some Gal Mama staff)

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We are ready for X-mas and New Year  photo e0362af77137f56e17dfc4bfdd880989345ad2f8.jpg It's a deer time (i love them, they are shining so bright in the dark))
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Bought pink boots for winter  photo a3433fd30323b83c988b9248c2965ee43b6e2e41.gif Passion for pink starts again) I missed them year ago on Yumetenbo, so took Timberland one. They are pretty good, cute and comfy for long walks with baby. Trying to find cute warm jacket for winter. 
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From the gal-mama life:
I'm in love with this stroller. It's perfect for summer/autumn time and pirate theme looks so cute here.
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+ I want Marie Antoinette mother bag from Timi & Leslie so much. Seen them on Rakuten, but find out that it's American brand. Have not yet decided what color I like more - sapphire or emerald....
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