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Kooza & DIY: Valentino Blue collar dress

 photo img_170227_471142_34.gif photo img_170227_471142_34.gif

Yestarday we went to Cirque Du Soleil Kooza show. It was first time for William, I was there before on Corteo and Zarkana show. Corteo was great, but Zarkana was such a fail. This time they deside to make everything on a normal scene so show were really great - lot of colorfull costumes, jokes, clowns, great music - it were awesome and really priceless. 
 photo 5e533ea9-3971-4537-bc4e-3041df118a55_zps745b60bb.jpg

Few days before, I'v desided to make a Valentino replika dress to go on show.
Don't know why exactly this model. It took some time cause I'm not so good in making patterns and not finished yet because of lace - I will sew it latter after pregancy.
 photo f0cb3cd5-2c02-4fed-8f66-7c357ca8b4d2_zpsd20625ca.jpg  photo 8c243827-f114-4ca3-93d0-3318ea816744_zps7f008a0a.jpg
Most difficult thing - it's collar, cause you need to cut lace and sew it again and it's all  a hand work.
 photo 9750a63e-6816-4b0c-85ec-8d078b8ccdf3_zps64932229.jpg
 photo 26da718f-dbd6-4a82-9e14-4d41f05d0f66_zps17e66723.jpg
 photo img_170227_471142_34.gif photo img_170227_471142_34.gif

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