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REVIEW: Vassen Barbie circle brown

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I'm using lenses again. Use them was difficult at the  beginning of my pregnancy cause eyes were too dry  photo ad30fbd753c1e6cd0a5e2057efd57916d07b072d_zpsc509457e.gif
At this time I bought  Vassen Barbie circle brown from my friend HimeLena .
She was so kind and brought them to my work. Thanks to her  photo 201c90e5100a49b40440b6d4596b6bbcaad3a96f_zpsf0eb3011.gif

 About lenses:
 photo 1cc56eb4-8340-4902-a2af-570a6d1b279f_zps6a4e96f4.jpg

I had a black one with the same effect, when I just start using circle lenses  It take 10 days to get blue or grey color, so I've decided to get brown one. My natural color a bit lighter so they looks a little bit scary, but gives a deep look.
 photo 79180f93-66d6-4f2b-b73f-fc498fde7cfb_zps0356fd06.jpg 
  photo 734f57e6985bcb3b31e211fbe180794bc9cc1847_zpsea13dcee.gif photo 734f57e6985bcb3b31e211fbe180794bc9cc1847_zpsea13dcee.gif photo 734f57e6985bcb3b31e211fbe180794bc9cc1847_zpsea13dcee.gif photo 734f57e6985bcb3b31e211fbe180794bc9cc1847_zpsea13dcee.gif   for comfort. Difficult wear them 4-5 hours without break, but maybe it's only my eyes feel this way.
 photo 70f29cc8-47df-4b36-86a5-edc646671396_zpsd66dd709.jpg
 photo e3fdff10-ae2b-4f80-9284-c8cbd25864ef_zps8873e270.jpg

 photo 6ad06450829850d7b0cff01a6baeefd3fd39245a_zpsb3c0aadf.gif

 photo gj.gif

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  1. awww this lens really beautiful, it suits you very well!

  2. You look so beautiful!Pls post more! Shall we follow each other? i love comment and browse blogs i followed!
    Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~

  3. Nice lenses! I love natural looking Circle Lenses ^^

  4. Aww hey look real good on you ! :3