четверг, 23 декабря 2010 г.

One more late post)

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On Sunday was X-mas J-rock party))Photobucket We thought that we will be all together with Shi & Tsu, but onlu I and Tsu comed there) And for Tsu it was first first first j-rock party Photobucket 
We also performed there 2  times with Sweets) This and snow at the street = death for my hairstyle and make up)))also I was pale Photobucket But it was great partyyyyy)) After performance we  went to bar Photobucketso I forgot about my apereance and also changed  clothes))
 so we bouth was cowboy girls)

Also I have changed nails yesterday)) I wanted Izumi Mana nails , desided make tham in pink colore...don't like red really)
On last week tryed make curls T_T usually I use 3,2mm for big curls, deside try smaller diametr

This Sunday I'll go to cinema on "Tron" with twins Photobucket Don't know exactlly what I'll like more film or spending time with tham)

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