среда, 1 декабря 2010 г.

Crazy weekands are coming again

Photobucket First of all, tomorrow we are going to the cinema with Natali) Want to see Disney's Rapunzel) 
 After will going to buy hairs for me) Photobucket Want long hairstyle again))) I want 60cm , I used only 40cm before.....but now I want long long long.....long long hairs... don't know why I start like Yumachi's hairstyle......
Photobucket On saturday will be International Lolita day. So everybody deside to have meetup & I hope sope some gyaru will be there too...
PhotobucketI'm looking for hat now, because it's too COLD. It's already  -25 at the street....and no snow T_T......Thinking about Sakurinas hat...
Photobucket Half of week I  tryed to look ordinary girl)


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  1. Ow that so cold!!!
    You really cute on th photos ^^

  2. I think too that Yumachi's hairstyle is really cool ^^
    Aww I love ur photos <3

    Kisses :)

  3. OMG it's freezing!! @___@ take care not to catch a cold!!
    You look so cute with short hair!! *__*

  4. I love your style! ♥ You look so beautiful ;--;

    The short hairstyle fits you so well and you look very adorable, but I think long hair will look very good too! :3

  5. I love your short hair style especially in the second picture!

  6. hey! i was here asking for friendship.. :D do you mind if we follow each other's blogs?? ^_< you can follow my blog by clicking here. ♥ Kristina