вторник, 7 декабря 2010 г.

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Yeeey) weekends  was greaaatPhotobucket) on Friday we went to the bar with Shi and our friends, and after we were at rock bar  all night. Our friends had performance there.
And on Saturday & Sunday was first russian gyaru meet Photobucket
......I have to many emotions because of it)))It was like "yeeeey we are not lonely anymore")))))
Hope it will be often) we will have one on this week) and hope some new gals will come)
And some Me&Shi pics)

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  1. You girls are so beautiful! I also really love all the hair styles!! I'm glad you met with other gals in Russia~ It always feels nice to meet people with similar interests. ^O^

  2. Meri and Anni, 。★゚♡*CrystallyzeD*♡゚★。
    Thank you))

    They are great even for russian winter)

    Thanks thanks thanks) it's really important for us)♥

  3. hello! im from singapore and i like your gyaru interest :) and can i ask u ? where u get those icons of character at the end of each post its so cute and anime-like!