четверг, 22 августа 2013 г.

Rienda Girls & Shopping

All the week we cleaning room, changing furniture and decor. We had a great shopping with my bf, so bought a lot of new staff which makes room looks more girly. This is how my bed now))

 photo 65cea3e9-b9ae-47e2-bf6c-d4eac159bc73_zpsc8f66c42.jpg

                 I fall in love  with Rienda girls and outfits. Can't wait to get back caramel hair color. 

I like the mood, the style, the coordinates of this brand, always positive and classy.

I had a great shopping and bought all for 40$))
Tops and dress are perfectly hide my belly.
 photo 3dce1051-3748-4f76-ba19-039c0b84ec52_zpsfcb61a04.jpg photo 3df4f76f-5019-4f16-ae96-8315a87c8807_zps14f7d8e4.jpg

And think everybody allready has this tipe of oversize sweaters exept me . Pink one has a big cut-ot on the back, and white a variation of the most popular model.
 photo 310e3456-bf7c-4b0f-96dc-f1b7776678d6_zpse9146b3c.jpg photo 18267d2f-1ab5-4287-96c5-0eb4659eb4fe_zps8b388f48.jpg

пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.

Code ♥ shopping ♥ friend

Hello everyone!!!
I'm on vacations  photo 10324_d.gif it's only 2 weeks, so I'v decided to spend it in Moscow.

Yesterday we went to Outlet Village with Juma. We thought to find some nice boots for autumn or at least some raining boots cause it's become  colder. After our fail with shopping we spent some time in japanese restrain and move to another shop.
 photo 8681bd8b-22a1-4d3c-823d-eb28da10c2bf_zps0786d101.jpg photo 729ff8a6-7d6d-4089-80df-c1e79a39e1dd_zps888a086b.jpg
I heven't seen Juma for 1 or 1,5 month. She become much thiner and I'm so proud, so she gave me fitspiration. It's so difficult to motivate yourself doing something than you are so lazy as me  photo o0020002011662594438.gif

So in another shop I get my Prada glasses photo 688e958b.gif. Firstly I thought about baroque model, but this look more classy on me  photo 89471e78.gif
 photo IMG_2349_zps17d05ad0.jpg

So, today I've changed my hair color - it's almost black now. They look more healthy and silky now.
 photo 9aad6013-329a-487a-aa41-e860e959823a_zps09060e4e.jpg
I fell in love with this look. It had place a thousand times in different magazines, this is exactly what I need for now. So found my black jacket in closet.
 photo ea6148cf-023a-4e6d-88d0-f03b746c1543_zps75785fd6.jpg
I've changed  short's for skirt cause my belly is so big already.
 photo 19e2604f-8ddd-414e-99a1-3d0f8ba55fc9_zpsa146facd.jpg