четверг, 22 августа 2013 г.

Rienda Girls & Shopping

All the week we cleaning room, changing furniture and decor. We had a great shopping with my bf, so bought a lot of new staff which makes room looks more girly. This is how my bed now))

 photo 65cea3e9-b9ae-47e2-bf6c-d4eac159bc73_zpsc8f66c42.jpg

                 I fall in love  with Rienda girls and outfits. Can't wait to get back caramel hair color. 

I like the mood, the style, the coordinates of this brand, always positive and classy.

I had a great shopping and bought all for 40$))
Tops and dress are perfectly hide my belly.
 photo 3dce1051-3748-4f76-ba19-039c0b84ec52_zpsfcb61a04.jpg photo 3df4f76f-5019-4f16-ae96-8315a87c8807_zps14f7d8e4.jpg

And think everybody allready has this tipe of oversize sweaters exept me . Pink one has a big cut-ot on the back, and white a variation of the most popular model.
 photo 310e3456-bf7c-4b0f-96dc-f1b7776678d6_zpse9146b3c.jpg photo 18267d2f-1ab5-4287-96c5-0eb4659eb4fe_zps8b388f48.jpg

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  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Your bed looks so comfortable! :)