суббота, 21 апреля 2012 г.

gadget gets)

I had 2 weeks without lenses, because my eyes  had problems  with it, hope it wouldn't happen again)
Also was all this time with minimum make-up)
And I liked hairs accessories so much before, but almost forget how to wear it. Anyway don't have much time for it)


At last I took my I-phone case from post office) It's so cuuuuutttteeee) much better than on pics from store)

My new baby))I really need case for it)it mostly for work)

I want it so badly))but really need save money for vacancies  T_T but maybe it will take it for work))

пятница, 13 апреля 2012 г.


I haven't checket gyaru valentines  for so long) and there was 2 with me)))))
Thanks so much to persons who made it))
I've get my uniform few days ago))) all from Valentino)
Now I have skirt, belt, top, cardigan, ballet shoes and pants)
I like it) even it simple black - it's  perfect)))
And I have so much problems now with work......few days ago I were shop assistant but from monday I'll start work as brand-manager with 4 corners - Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Akris and Crolina Herera......and it difficult now because girls with whom I worked before  little bit envy now. My test period as shop staff is still not over ......I'm so stressed T_T

воскресенье, 8 апреля 2012 г.

Hi everyone) I'm tired from work, I'm little bit sick and becoming fat (need to stop eating)
It was long week but very funny and exciting - we had two designers  party - one by Anya Hindmarch and Giuseppe Zanotti) this is favorite part of work because you can see such people in few meters near you)
Bought sunless tan spray - haven't got enough time for salon) also found special thing for volume, saw it before in internet and it coasts about 20$ - i get it only for 1$))

Had time for styling my wig, don't know where I will go in it but I like how it looks now) much better than in manba style)


Also bought dark red one on last week) I miss red hair so much because I really liked it but it so difficult to wear)
And Rihanna is my inspiration in it)
And I'm trying to be groomer for my dog) i like japanese styled puppy so I tried my best and too much >_<

пятница, 6 апреля 2012 г.

Erisa & Valentino

Erisa come back to normal (not transvestite) look, so she is great inspiration for me now in make-up and style) she is so gorgeous))

I've tried her make-up but don't really have right eye lashes for it) and my lips are normal already but want make it little bit bigger)

And few days ago i were free from work much earlier than usually so had chance to try my Valentino dream- dresses)

After I saw this dress in japanese Vouge I fall in love with it)) it's pretty simple for sewing so I want it badly because I coundn't find any replica of it)

Second dress is more unique I think) and want it badly too because it looks so pure)

And our famous dress which coasts 25000$) it's so princess like and cute but too large for me))

воскресенье, 1 апреля 2012 г.

Hello April & Transformations)

Hello everyone) one more boring post from me)
My work gave me results so i'm start working twice hard from now)) and I'm still have my weekend, so i'm start studying italian) it's exiting because I have 2 great teachers)
Also on saturday I went to see my cosmetologist) I was very inspired by such kind of lips)
So yes I've made mine bigger) a little bit)I have a duck face now, but it's only one day pass and they are inflamed now. After one week they'll become smaller)
Yes I decided make myself prettier and thiner.....and sorry for my "relax" period) i miss gyaru style already)