пятница, 6 апреля 2012 г.

Erisa & Valentino

Erisa come back to normal (not transvestite) look, so she is great inspiration for me now in make-up and style) she is so gorgeous))

I've tried her make-up but don't really have right eye lashes for it) and my lips are normal already but want make it little bit bigger)

And few days ago i were free from work much earlier than usually so had chance to try my Valentino dream- dresses)

After I saw this dress in japanese Vouge I fall in love with it)) it's pretty simple for sewing so I want it badly because I coundn't find any replica of it)

Second dress is more unique I think) and want it badly too because it looks so pure)

And our famous dress which coasts 25000$) it's so princess like and cute but too large for me))

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