воскресенье, 8 апреля 2012 г.

Hi everyone) I'm tired from work, I'm little bit sick and becoming fat (need to stop eating)
It was long week but very funny and exciting - we had two designers  party - one by Anya Hindmarch and Giuseppe Zanotti) this is favorite part of work because you can see such people in few meters near you)
Bought sunless tan spray - haven't got enough time for salon) also found special thing for volume, saw it before in internet and it coasts about 20$ - i get it only for 1$))

Had time for styling my wig, don't know where I will go in it but I like how it looks now) much better than in manba style)


Also bought dark red one on last week) I miss red hair so much because I really liked it but it so difficult to wear)
And Rihanna is my inspiration in it)
And I'm trying to be groomer for my dog) i like japanese styled puppy so I tried my best and too much >_<

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  1. That wig is amazing!! *o*
    And I have to say too that your dog is cute <3

  2. You look amazing <3
    May I ask where you got your wigs from?
    Are they both from taobao?

  3. Thanks)

    Mika, no, all my wigs are from e-bay) taobao takes too much time with shipping service and they have same condition so don't really see much differense

  4. Wow that's cool,thanks.
    I ordered a wig eBay ebay but it looked so plastic although it should have been made of kanekalon. :/

  5. Mika
    try a baby powder - it will make total look less plastic) mine is just has too much hair spray already))