суббота, 10 ноября 2012 г.

Ballerina dress & daily)

I've missed Halloween and everything else Photobucket but everything is ok now and my present become more interesting.
I have mood for sewing and hand made but don't have time for it)anyway we get so many inspiring dresses lately Photobucket
Zuhair Murad ballerina f/w 13 dress) it's so dolly like and absolutely gorgeous Photobucket you look like a BJD while you are wearing it)
Also my room is almost ready, but I need new furniture, curtains, pillows and decorations in gold color)

My new bag - mother brought it to me from Israel Photobucket pretty good for work and nice price + comfortable for life n any way) and they have special shop bags without woman on it and special tags inside bag which tells that this is fake leather bag and it's OK to use it in Israel - i've heard that all animals must be killed in some special way in this country....

Need to say I'm all in my vacations) Thought to go to Italy in december, but decided to wait a little bit and explore Cuba) it's sounds little bit crazy because I'm going there alone, but think it will be interesting for me Photobucket


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  1. I think the dress suits you a lot better than the model. Have fun in cuba :)

  2. Wow that dress is awesome!!!
    Suits on you very well!
    And I like your room too!!