воскресенье, 17 июня 2012 г.

Shopping & Haircut) and 1st D&G dress)

Photobucket everyone)
I have almost boy haircut now) I've cut all my dead hairs, so this is what I saved from october.Photobucket Don't want dye them anymore. Decided make extensions on next week)Photobucket
I get present from ODLR team Photobucket - it's really nice and cute and cool because I'm going to the sun country)Photobucket

 From 5 till 8 July I'm going to Azerbaijan on my cousin wedding) Haven't been there about 7 or 8 years)Azerbaijan is pretty country I missed it so much) maybe it's sounds stupid but it reminds me Italy))

I've bought outfit for wedding))))) D&G dress and Zara's jacket (Chanel styled)

While I was serching my dress, I'v found Alexandr's McQeen skirt))fill myself lucky))

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  1. you work in a nail salon... how can you afford to travel and buy all this stuff? do your parents give you money?

  2. I'm not working there about year already) I have a position of a bran-manager in a big mall in Moscow