вторник, 26 июня 2012 г.

Hello Botox

Hi everyone Photobucket
I had a wonderful beauty-weekend)Photobucket
On wednesday  I went to beauty salon and made nails extension at last . I'm always to tired after work, so can't do it by myself Photobucket)  They are with flowers Photobucket, at first I thought made just a simple french nails, but nailist proposed make them in more romantic and cute way for summer. I totally agree with her - they looks so gentle.
Also I went to my cosmetologist)) I've made my lips bigger on second timePhotobucket)) Maybe  I will do  it again, but definitely not in next few month)
On epigraph pics I'm without lips at all)))This is after first try PhotobucketPhotobucket
And how they looks now Photobucket

And I've made botox in to forehead, so can't move my eyebrows now) No I'm not young for it - it's better to start now than your face is good-looking, because you have chance to save it. Also Botox is perfect for migraines - i have headaches all the time so it's some kind of necessary for now)

Photobucket Hairs) hair extensions is Photobucket Photobucket I'm good looking girl))
Some outfits))

My new shoesssssssss Photobucket
And I need to say that I'm pretty tired from gyaru fashion....
This fashion became less unique, think 2005 - 2009 was the best period, now I see no difference with ordinary girls.
yes I still like and will wear brands, circle lenses, some make up styles, but don't wanna call myself gyaru - I just wanna be a pretty girl, that's all)Photobucket

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  1. LOVE your nails sweetie! I am totally gonna do them like that tomorrow! you inspired me so much <3

  2. I totally agree with what you said about gyaru fashion becoming less unique. I personally enjoyed 2007 and 2009.

  3. Pretty shoes~ *---*
    And your nails are so pretty!