вторник, 10 мая 2011 г.


I'm so lazy for blogging)
But some orders came last week, so I have now things to wright about)& my mother's friend gave me her cosmetic) she dislike it & used it 1 or 2 time) so now I have many eyeshadows)Cocona have same colors....it's make me happy))
First parcel came from PinkParadise) it with lense, BB cream & diamond lashes.
I bought Skin79 Super BB Triple Functions. It's not bad, but makes my face too pale.......if on day i'll deside bacame ulzzang or somth. it will be helpfull, but now prefer don't use it)
Diamond Lash is pretty good) i took Glamorous Eye and happy with it)think next time will order more styles)
 About lenses) After Michi's post with Diamond Green deside try same in grey colore)little bit darker than I expect but steel looks good)

 2nd parcel was with Golds Infinity bag))))))))))

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  1. So many awesome beauty products! *__* ♥ And the lenses look awesome on you!

  2. Uahhh tons of awesome stuff!
    I ordered some Diamond in black recently I cant wait to get them
    Maybe you can sell on the BB cream? Its popular Im sure someone would buy it :)

  3. Tricia Isabela

    Sami Spoon
    Want try some more colors too))
    Think it's no need) I making experiment with my mom faceXD

  4. Woow! They're all look so cuuuteXD Your eyes are so gorgeous! I need BB cream too~!!

  5. OMG HONEY!!! You r way too sexy!!! and i love the make up! sooo mcuh!!! and the lens looks hella cute on you !

  6. Oh so cute ^^
    I love the Golds bag!!!