пятница, 31 мая 2013 г.

Nails & Hairs)

Found out that I have serious problems with hairs - don't use any vitamins, so they became wavy and dry and also I'm loosing my hairs. I don't like use wigs so for me it's stress.
Bought Wella's Luxe Oil it make hair's more healthy and shiny)
 photo 4a80d83f-1aa7-4de4-a04b-1c289fa61118_zpscf7d2ce7.jpg
Spent some time yesterday in nail salon, made simple manicure with mint nail polish.
 photo 19063213-4925-4425-855d-10aae4a938e4_zpsc2715cdc.jpg
Thinking about nail art for foot and arms, cause tired from simple look.
Some ideas
 photo 3064_zps40fcdf24.jpg photo 3062_zps7db471c3.jpg photo 3050_zpseb578bfe.jpg photo 3048_zps6bce4ead.jpg photo 3042_zps69f1ae65.jpg photo 3039_zps2e0fe0c1.jpg photo 3010_zpsb61bba70.jpg photo 3006_zps938223d1.jpg photo 2971_zpsfe4921c7.jpg photo 2970_zpsa42f55d8.jpg photo 2952_zpsff9f164d.jpg photo 2942_zps7bf322e5.jpg photo 2919_zps73918fd0.jpg photo 2916_zps40df307f.jpg photo 2911_zps579eb146.jpg photo 2893_zps2527d1fd.jpg photo 2884_zps35f4585e.jpg photo 2878_zps521c1585.jpg photo 2854_zpsa8427f6b.jpg photo 2836_zpsf25df96a.jpg photo 2820_zps71dfdf7f.jpg photo 2797_zpsafa3cbce.jpg photo 2766_zps7462b199.jpg photo 2717_zps558c14fd.jpg photo 2707_zpsb2b5ebdf.jpg photo 2683_zps200e0009.jpg photo 2665_zps382b28d7.jpg photo 2637_zps8c71756c.jpg photo 2618_zpsef89ea14.jpg photo 2616_zps64ff84e6.jpg photo 2613_zps8d6d1916.jpg photo 2597_zps463178b9.jpg photo 2590_zpsf3e02cda.jpg photo 2574_zps1b0a03a9.jpg

вторник, 28 мая 2013 г.

Stripes and silver

 photo IMG_1924_zps7b7d960b.png
Dress - New Yorker
Hoodie - Glad News
Bag - Love Moschino
Bijou - offbrand

For some reasons I think I'v almost forgot everything about taste in clothes. 3 Month pare of jeans, hoodie and uniform - were my best friends   photo decootomedojo2445.gif
Start wearing lenses again, need to bye more cause I have only grey and green. Also need leashes))
 photo 7ba41787-0bfc-49d6-bbbe-18a35dfd7d0c_zpsce27c8fc.jpg photo 0ccfc061-b12c-4fd7-8f50-4707872e8022_zps9ad13782.jpg

I'm in love with Pandora, so bought 2 charms yesterday  photo o0020002012088936286.gif
 photo 3e2b9337-9628-42a1-a388-c7841399a15c_zps6175fcb9.jpg

вторник, 21 мая 2013 г.

Free time... at last

ShabbyBlogsvintageBannersscrollsbyFPTFY photo ShabbyBlogsvintageBannersscrollsbyFPTFY-1.jpg
At last I found time for blogging))
So many things happened:
 photo t00200020_0020002011713223993.gif I'm engaged. I found person who know that I can be childish and idiotic sometimes and OK with it) so soon we will have a wedding)
 photo IMG_1761_zpsb1056aae.jpg

 photo t00200020_0020002011713223446.gif I'm pregnant so I'll be a gyaru mama (yes I'm slowly trying to get back to style - understood that I'm miss it much)

From yesterday shopping get a men's hat from Zara and Love Moschino clutch)
 photo 95c39a11-b3f1-41f2-a5bc-ade3a2f90249_zps36cf2195.jpg photo 07c93140-146e-4e58-af98-a9660458c004_zps88eb0ff0.jpg

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воскресенье, 12 мая 2013 г.

Brother Rabbit

Я бестыдно хочу зайцев от Александры))
У меня сезон хотения игрушек, т.к. большую часть лишних я раздарила) 

Жмем на картинку, что перейти на раздачу зайцев)