вторник, 21 мая 2013 г.

Free time... at last

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At last I found time for blogging))
So many things happened:
 photo t00200020_0020002011713223993.gif I'm engaged. I found person who know that I can be childish and idiotic sometimes and OK with it) so soon we will have a wedding)
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 photo t00200020_0020002011713223446.gif I'm pregnant so I'll be a gyaru mama (yes I'm slowly trying to get back to style - understood that I'm miss it much)

From yesterday shopping get a men's hat from Zara and Love Moschino clutch)
 photo 95c39a11-b3f1-41f2-a5bc-ade3a2f90249_zps36cf2195.jpg photo 07c93140-146e-4e58-af98-a9660458c004_zps88eb0ff0.jpg

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