среда, 2 января 2013 г.

Hello 2013)

I'm back from holiday) 
Week I'v spent in hospital - wished to celebrate X-mas with friend but hadn't got chance)

Right after I came to my birth place - to Murmansk for 3 days) We had a lot of snow and it's pretty different from Moscow- looks more like Finland)

New year we've spend with full family and family friends) It was funny and I was little bit upset because I can't eat much after hospital, but everything were so tasty.
I thought that I will wear extensions but at last moment I've decided to meet 2013 in more natural way (red lipstick for me already natural (wear it almost all time at work))
       Here I'm look really drunk >_< it was it the end so think it's OK)) can't make nice pics on parties ;P

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