воскресенье, 18 марта 2012 г.

Shopping post)

Yesterday was a "Big shopping day") I've spent 8 hours in the mall for searching sprig boots)
It's a HUGE problem as always ) Envy people who can just simply order shoes from yumetenbo T_T

So at first I thought it will be engineer boots from Gucci because they have great 41 size, but suddenly I found my dream DURAS like over the knee boots in Hogl))and they had perfect 41/5 size for it) I fall in love with such shoes right after saw them very first time so fill myself pretty lucky)

Also took shirt-one) saw similar model many times in gyaru magazines so it were a good deal too) but they bough has same costs as Gucci one T_T big size = big money problems.

+ And bag from New Look for more DURAS look)

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