суббота, 14 января 2012 г.

On 13 jan we had little celebration of New Year in old style (it's russian holiday) with family and small shopping all together)
So code from 13) I start like more  Jelly, Blenda and Happy Nuts style it's feels more comfortable now)
Bought pretty simple things like shorts which is really need)
+ And dress) I was inspired by Aina's outfit, it'snot really same things as she has  but hope i'll find something more similar)
And I'v began like Aina again)

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  1. Such cute clothes! I love your eye makeup!


  2. I love your eyes! I wish you to post more about this "Russian new year", I had Russian room mate once, but he didn't explain me well enough haha :D

  3. Emi, Kanae,Kiwi

    It's pretty same as european but for us it's more important than x-mas because catholic has it on 24 december and we only at 6 january.So all staff, presents, decoration we have on New year 31/1, after comes x-mas on 6/7 jan (mostly family & friends + many people like make a fortune-telling in this night) after we have not official holiday "Old New Year" it's same as normal, it's started after the Middle Ages changed calendar)

  4. Ah, thanks for sharing this info! ^__^ I really wish to visit Russia too one day! (Well it's not far from Finland but...) :DD

  5. I love your hair short it is styled so well <3
    From Zoe