пятница, 15 апреля 2011 г.

Shopping post)

Hi hi) don't know why  I make post only once at week Photobucket Hope I wouldn't be  so lazy than I'll get work) 
Photobucket So about my life -  I've paid for one more nail courses and really hope get work us manicure master in salon)
So also I'm without bf again))don't know what's wrong with me Photobucket we are not break up, just didn't saw each over about month and I feel myself so stuped  cause miss him so much all time. Hope I will meet him tomorrow at the k-pop party)
Photobucket About friends: Last sunday I  spent with Tsubame) first she went to doctor with me and after we had little shopping)and it was good cause we get Camelot shoes only for 15$ then ordinary must pay about 100 -150$. Also we found MA*RS style dresses))
Photobucket About inspiration: it's Cocona  Photobucket I've made my hairs little bit more gray Photobucket and her last harstyle just awesome) and nails too, so made same)

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  1. You and Cocona could be Sisters! :D
    Beauuutiful Nails! <3

  2. those dresses look so ma*rs soooo jealous! haha you look greattt !

  3. OMG your nails!!! LOVE them :D are they your real nails or nail tips? i ask cuz they are so looooong *o*

  4. Amy
    Thank you)

    Thanks)they are 4cm long and it is acrylic extension)

  5. I love the grayish blonde hairtrend! Am thinking of doing the same to mine, just a bit lighter : D AND YOUR TAN <3 omg. lol

    You sure got matching outfits! Haha, so cute <3

  6. Those nails looks awesome!!
    Love those<3
    And those dresses are pretty ^^

  7. Those nails are amazing!
    I love your new stuff!
    I follow u right now~♥

  8. I want your dress!!!!! where did u get it?!

    I've never seen a gal who could be that good at getting inspired by Cocona !!!

    i prefer ur nails !!!love ur hair...LOVE UUUU


  9. omg your dress its lovely at the same your nails I adore them ^^

  10. omg!!! you super sexy! and i love your sexy hair!!!