пятница, 30 июля 2010 г.

I'm back from vacations)

Miss all diaries exept russian blog Photobucket it become too boring for me)
So we've back frome Marmaris)Photobucket allready miss it so much) it was fantastic week only for us) so I could walk mostly in fool gyaru outfit) i Russia it too difficult to do  Photobucket so many people called us Barbie & Cindy or Gaga & Beyonce or just cinderellas) it was so cute & people really liked it) & my lovely friend Honeymoon was so sweet in Liz Lisa and in 姫系Photobucket

It so many times saw secrets about friendship, so I'm happy to have gyaru friends Photobucket
I'm really hope that new life starsts soon even for few months))We have now hosto-mama Nana & I have new boyfriend who loves me more than I him) life must be perfect)

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