четверг, 24 декабря 2009 г.

Merry X-Mas ^^

Merry X-Mas to everyone)))Photobucket
Russia always celebrate it at 6 january,so it's difficult do not forget about european x-mas))
I'm still working hard and sometimes it's become so boring. So I start draw nail design in my freetime at work)

Also got shopping time yesterday))bought some presents in LushPhotobucket

And rings for myself))they pretty chip, but looks good I think)

So I'm with Cola))

And bought socks today)))it was only 1$ for pair)they have such cute Spank! colorsPhotobucket

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  1. to Mitsu
    They are)))thanks)

    to Kaoru
    Thanks a lot :-"

  2. H, your blog is cute so you are!
    I add you to watched xD plus do also!XD
    i just<started blog but I will write often :)
    The socks are so cheap xD here are more expensive!
    But I love them! they are so soft haha
    and u r on diet and drink cola?XDD shouldnt u drink water or tea?:PP and the rings are so pretty!!

  3. ♥ yuri ♥
    nice to meet you))
    I'm on diet only on a half now) it's too cold at work, so we eat all time and drink cola, capuchino and etc.)))